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Production and Sandbox Endpoints

Production and Sandbox URLs:


De Catalogus voor de Omgevingswet verbindt definities, toelichtingen en uitleg van begrippen in relatie tot datasets. Bij iedere dataset wordt aangegeven wie de bronhouder is en daarmee verantwoordelijk is voor de inhoud.

Business Information

Business Owner : Kadaster



To use the API Console, an access token is required that can be obtained after logging in. Registering and logging on to the API Store is not yet possible for third parties. The API can already be tested with its own tooling (such as Postman) based on the available Swagger file. A one-time API key must be requested for this. For more info go the Developer Portal  

Warning! The selected application does not have an access token for the selected environment. Please go to the subscription page and generate an access token first.
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Documentatie Catalogus Opvragen Functionele documentatie volgens de BP4mc2 modelleringswijze http://bp4mc2.org/modelleringswijze/